LA "Spirit of the Wildcats"

Fall Semester Tentative 

Schedule & Iteneraries


Itinerary for Macon County

Friday 10/1/2019



3:00 PM Load trailer 

4:00 PM into Half Uniform, Finish Loading Trailer

4:30 PM Leave LA for Lafayette

5:45 PM Arrive McDonald’s, 

6:30 PM Arrive HS, Unload and finish dressing

6:45 PM Move to Stands

7:00 PM Game Time

9:15 PM End of Game

9:30 PM Put instruments away and change out of uniform

10:00 PM Leave stadium and head home

11:30 PM Arrive LA, Lay Uniforms unzipped in room put away only what we don’t need for Saturday and go home.


All times are tentative and may vary slightly.

This Game is very important to us and our Team, so we need to be there and support them. This will determine our playoff situation.

2019 Tennessee Division II 

State Marching Band Championship 


Stewarts Creek High School

Smyrna, Tennessee

Saturday, November 2, 2019


7:00   am         Arrive LA Band Room to re-load equipment & bus

7:30   am         Bus loaded - Leave for Stewarts Creek H.S. and Div. II

9:30   am         Arrive Smyrna, TN – Div. II SMBC

9:45   am         Unload Buses – Check In – head to stands to watch other


10:00 am         Watch Bands until Intermission

11:52 pm         In dressing area to change then uniform inspection

12:23 - 12:49 pm    At warm-up Area                            

12:49 pm         Travel to Field

12:59 pm         Field Report Time

1:02   pm         ON PERFORMANCE FIELD!!!    

1:16   pm         Off Performance Field

1:25   pm         Pictures (if they do them)

4:40   pm         Every return to bus dress into full Uniform for Retreat

5:30   pm         Return to field for pre-lim awards and finals drawing 

                        Everyone Attends  - This is a full retreat all bands on field, Full Uniform

5:30   pm         Awards 

5:50   pm         Finalist drawing for top 10 

6:00   pm         Dinner Break 

7:30   pm         Finals Start – TBA - Back in stadium TBA (This Part is Tentative if we                                 Perform in Finals) Possible arrive home time if we don’t stay for finals TBA

9:30   pm         Finals Awards Presentations for awards ceremony for finals, maybe full                             band due to what they call a Retreat (Full Bands come out) 

10:00 pm         load bus, head home

1:00   am         Arrive LA, unload, put away, straighten room and GO HOME!!!


Travel attire for trips:

            Long sleeve Show shirt & Shorts

Band Ball Cap


Bring with you:

           Wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, possible warmer clothes, jackets, caps, etc…..


We may be home earlier or a little later so please check for messages from the students!! Thank you for all your hard work and effort, people are taking notice.

Parents, please be aware that there is or maybe an entry fee of $20.00 per person for full Day, plus program. They will also have concessions at approximately the same cost, as ball games, be prepared. We will be allowed 1 chaperone for every 10 students and a pit crew (staff) as we can. Thank you also for all your hard work and support. Mr. Dingwall and Mr. Holbrook.



- November 2, 2019

BAND                                                                         WARM-UP TIME.     WARM-UP AREA   FIELD REPORT TIME.    PERFORMANCE TIME

Chester County High School                          9:21 - 9:47 AM               A                    9:57 AM                     10:00 AM

Carter High School                                         9:35 - 10:01 AM             B                    10:11 AM.                  10:14 AM

Cheatham County Central High School          9:49 - 10:15 AM            A                    10:25 AM                   10:28 AM

Briarcrest Christian High School                    10:03 - 10:29 AM           B                    10:39 AM                   10:42 AM

Signal Mountain High School                         10:17 - 10:43 AM           A                    10:53 AM                   10:56 AM

East Hickman High School                            10:31 - 10:57 AM           B                     11:07 AM                   11:10 AM

White House High School                              10:45 - 11:11 AM           A                     11:21 AM                    11:24 AM




Waverly Central High School                         11:13 - 11:39 AM           B                     11:49 AM                    11:52 AM

Macon County High School                           11:27 - 11:53 AM           A                      12:03 PM                   12:06 PM

Dyersburg High School                                  11:41 - 12:07 PM           B                     12:17 PM                    12:20 PM

Elizabethton High School                               11:55 - 12:21 PM           A                     12:31 PM                    12:34 PM

Cumberland Gap High School.                      12:09 - 12:35 PM          B                      12:45 PM                    12:48 PM

Livingston Academy High School                   12:23 - 12:49 PM          A                      12:59 PM                    1:02 PM

Lexington High School                                   12:37 - 1:03 PM            B                       1:13 PM                     1:16 PM




Forrest Jr./Sr. High School                              1:16 - 1:42 PM             A                       1:52 PM                      1:55 PM

Greeneville High School                                 1:30 - 1:56 PM              B                      2:06 PM                      2:09 PM

West Greene High School                              1:44 - 2:10 PM              A                      2:20 PM                      2:23 PM

McNairy Central High School                          1:58 - 2:24 PM             B                      2:34 PM                      2:37 PM

Sullivan South High School                             2:12 - 2:38 PM             A                      2:48 PM                      2:51 PM

Claiborne High School                                    2:26 - 2:52 PM             B                       3:02 PM                      3:05 PM

South Gibson High School                              2:40 - 3:06 PM             A                       3:16 PM                      3:19 PM




Unicoi County High School                             3:08 - 3:34 PM               B                      3:44 PM                       3:47 PM

Alcoa High School                                          3:22 - 3:48 PM               A                       3:58 PM                       4:01 PM

Camden Central High School                         3:36 - 4:02 PM               B                      4:12 PM                        4:15 PM

Obion County Central High School                 3:50 - 4:16 PM               A                      4:26 PM                        4:29 PM

Watertown High School                                  4:04 - 4:30 PM               B                       4:40 PM                       4:43 PM

Milan High School                                           4:18 - 4:44 PM               A                      4:54 PM                        4:57 PM

Adamsville High School                                  4:32 - 4:58 PM               B                      5:08 PM.                       5:11 PM


AWARDS CEREMONY.                                  5:30 PM

Announcement of Finalists and Drawing   5:50 PM


DINNER                                                          6:00 PM


Finals Begin                                                    7:30 PM


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