Upcoming/ Current Events

2021 Tennessee Division II 

State Marching Band Championship 


Stewarts Creek High School

Smyrna, Tennessee

Saturday, November 6, 2021


10:00 am          Arrive LA Band Room – Run Throughs

10:30 am          Load equipment in trailer 

11:30 am          Bus loaded - Leave for Stewarts Creek H.S. and

                         Div. II

1:30   pm          Arrive Smyrna, TN – Div. II SMBC

1:45   pm          Unload Buses – Check In – 

2:00   pm          In dressing area to change into uniform then


2:33 – 2:59 pm At warm-up Area                                  

2:59 – 3:09 pm Travel to Field

3:09   pm          Field Report Time

3:12   pm          ON PERFORMANCE FIELD!!!    

3:25   pm          Off Performance Field

3:35   pm.         Pictures

4:00   pm          Everyone stays dressed in full Uniform for Retreat

4:05   pm          Return to field for prelim awards and finals


                         Everyone Attends - This is a full retreat, all bands

                         leadership, Full Uniform

4:15   pm          Awards 

4:30   pm          Finalist drawing for top 10 

4:45   pm          Dinner Break 

7:00   pm          Finals Start – TBA - Back in stadium TBA (This

                         Part is Tentative if we Perform

                         in Finals) Possible arrive home time if we don’t

                         stay for finals TBA

9:30   pm          Finals Awards Presentations for awards ceremony                          for finals, maybe full band

                         due to what they call a Retreat (Full Bands come                            out) 

10:00 pm          load bus, head home

12:00 am          Arrive LA, unload, put away, straighten                                            room and GO HOME!!!

Travel attire for trips:

            Long sleeve Show shirt

            Band Ball Cap

            Band Knee length shorts 


Bring with you:

            Wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, possible warmer clothes, jackets, caps, etc…..

We may be home earlier or a little later so please check for messages from the students!! Thank you for all your hard work and effort.

            Parents, please be aware that there is or maybe an entry fee of $20.00 per person for full Day, plus program. They will also have concessions at approximately the same cost, as ball games, be prepared. We will be allowed 1 chaperone for every 10 students and a pit crew (staff) as we can. Thank you also for all your hard work and support. Mr. Dingwall and Mr. Roberts.

Sequatchie Valley Marching Invitational


Sept. 18, 2021

SCHS-Dunlap, TN

Itinerary for Sequatchie Valley

Marching Band Invitational

Saturday 9/18/2021

Updated 9/14/21

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Practice on Practice Field

1:00 – 1:45 PM Load trailer/Bus

1:45 – 3:15 PM Load Bus and head for Sequatchie Co. Football Stadium

3:15 PM Arrive Sequatchie Co. HS unload bus and equipment, get into half uniform then get ready for warm-up and performance

4:30 PM get into uniform

4:50 PM Warm-up Site B for field performance

5:10 PM Move from warm-up to performance field

5:20 PM Perform show for audience and judges

5:40 PM Performance over exit field and return to buses to change & put instruments away and load trailer

7:00 PM Return to stands to watch Sequatchie County’s performance

7:30 PM Awards – Leadership/Seniors on field

8:00 PM Leave SCHS and head home

10:00 – 10:45 PM Should be home, Unload and go home

Tennessee State Division II Marching Band Championships