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Support the Band

Dear Band Parents and Interested Citizens of Overton County;


            The Band Program at Livingston Academy is in need of your help and support, both financially and physically. As the band program grows, the need for additional funds becomes imperative. The need for new band uniforms, concert attire, instrument and equipment needs and repairs, as well as transportation needs have caused our dependence on fundraisers to generate the necessary capital. These generated funds will support the students in the band program at L.A.

Students involved in school music programs as well as other school activities are the ones who generally stay out of trouble, become good or even better students and have a higher success rate than those who don’t get involved. As a community, we have a responsibility to help each student develop their highest potential. Without support, our students won’t be able to reach that goal. Your attendance at any function they are involved in is vital in supporting them.

As in any program, the needs can become great if they are not met on a regular basis.   Your willingness to work and help (hands on) is greatly needed. Areas where an individual can volunteer are: working in the concession stand at home football games, cleaning (what ever needs to be cleaned), repairing, sewing, chauffeuring, driving equipment vehicles, even instructing or tutoring. It takes more than one person to make a program work, it takes many, that means you and me.

The definition of a “supporter” is – one who is an upholder, maintainer, sustainer, adherent advocate, patron, ally, endorser, and pillar of strength. This support is given from the heart. The definition of a “volunteer” is – one who enters into or offers themselves for any service of their own free will. The Music Programs at L.A. are looking for a few good supporters/volunteers to help in reaching our fullest potential. The Music Boosters become our greatest asset in reaching higher

            Any contribution, whether financial or of service, is greatly appreciated. The next page is a form you can return and let us know if you can be of service. This will be for the benefit of the band program. If you can help, please fill out the form so we may contact you and place you in an area that uses your talents and abilities to their fullest benefit.


            Thank you for your time, support, and volunteering.





Gregory S. Dingwall, Director

Jeremy Bilbrey, President

Tricia Hix, Vice President

LA Band Support Form
LA Band Donation Receipt