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LA "Spirit of the Wildcats"

Fall Semester Tentative 

Schedule & Iteneraries


Itinerary for Saturday 10/26/2019

Rhea County Marching Invitational

10:00   am CST Call Time - load trailers rest of the way 

10:30   am CST trailers loaded, All - load onto Bus leave for Rhea

                 County High School

1:30     pm EST arrive RCHS unload bus 

1:35     pm EST unload trailers unloaded and get fully dressed

2:15     pm EST Travel to warm-up parking lot behind HS Warmup B 

2:35     pm EST Warm up begins Warmup Area B

3:10     pm EST Travel to performance field

3:25     pm EST At the Gate to Performance field

3:30     pm EST On Performance field

3:45     pm EST Exit Performance Field and Return equipment to

        trailers, put instruments away and change into band

                          T’s and Shorts or other Travel clothes (weather


4:30     pm EST Band returns to stands in Travel Clothes

5:00     pm EST Cumberland County HS Performs

6:00     pm EST Dinner Break

8:10     pm EST Cookeville HS Performs

8:30     pm EST RCHS Performs

8:50     pm EST AWARDS

9:30     pm EST Back to trailers and bus, load bus to go home

11:00 – 11:30  pm CST arrive LA unload and go home


Uniform of the DAY!!!

Band show shirt – long sleeve, 

Blue jeans or shorts Knee length (NO HOLES or WORN SPOTS)

Band Ball Cap

Regardless of anything else please dress for the weather (BE PREPARED)

After performance put back on uniform of the Day.


Admissions is $10.00 per person, 6 and under free and parking is free

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